Production and sale of Italian wines in the municipality of Colle Umberto, DOCG wines, IGT wines, DOC wines

Vignarosa has always been committed to researching quality and improvement and deals with the production and sale of Italian wines of prestige: DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) and IGT or ‘vins de pays’  wines. In the territory of the municipality of Colle Umberto, the production of DOCG (Controlled Designation of Origin Guaranteed), DOC and IGT wines is allowed and thus our production is concentrated on the sale of these excellent products to satisfy the qualitative and gustative demands of our clients. Recently the DOCG Piave – Malanotte (Raboso) has been approved, thus entering the category of the elite Italian wines.


Production and sale of sparkling wine

At Vignarosa the staff are committed to an alliance between innovation and tradition in the production and the sale of sparkling wine. The Prosecco has entered among the most famous Italian spumanti and Vignarosa is specialized in producing the versions Brut, Extra Dry and Dry.


Production and sale of white wine: semi-sparkling wine

For Italian legislation a semi-sparkling wine is one which at a temperature of 20°C manifests an overpressure due to the carbon dioxide within from 1 to 2.5 atmospheres. In natural semi-sparkling wines the CO2 is released in the vat during the process of re-fermentation. 


Production and sale of still white wine

Right from the very beginning Vignarosa has guaranteed the production of still white wine with the DOC label of excellent quality. Sale of the white wine is by the bottle or by measure as for the IGT wines. Among the whites currently on sale of our production,


Production and sale of red wine

The vinification of the red wines takes place through maceration, that is, with the must coming into contact with the skins and seeds in order that the substances contained in them can be transferred to the liquid to confer the right colours and aromas to the final product.


The passion for our vineyards

The quality of Vignarosa lies in the history, the land, in the experience and constant everyday commitment. Red and white wines, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines all draw their prestigious characteristics and their charm from this nature, from this history and from the genuine passion of all those involved in the production.


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