The origins

Two hundred years of cultural and oenological growth

The Estate, that today goes by the name of Vignarosa from the colour of its buildings, dates back to at least the early nineteenth century, as the registers in the Napoleonic General Land Office of 1813 reveal. Those were heroic times: the young Bonaparte had already conquered this area and most likely he was quite taken with the produce of these vines, worthy adversaries of their cousins beyond the Alps.



This period marked an important turning-point for the birth of the modern science and culture of wine: it had already started to form in the centuries before under the governance of the Republic of Venice (once called the Most Serene Republic) which, before its decline, inaugurated several agronomical and cultural initiatives as well as starting up a profitable trade in wines from the areas of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. It was precisely in the last decades of the period of the Republic of Venice, around 1750, that the Prosecco first came to this area where it is currently produced (in fact, it is not an autochthonous grape but comes originally from the Karst area). In the second half of the eighteenth century, academies were founded to bring vine-growing back to its ancient glory, cultural circles where vine-growers rubbed shoulders with landowners, technicians, scholars and intellectuals. It was during one of these assemblies in 1722 that the academic Francesco Maria Malvolti gave the Prosecco its name for the first time. In 1868, a few kilometres away from the Tenuta Vignarosa in Conegliano Veneto, the Società Enologica Trevigiana (Trevisan Wine Society) was founded by the forefathers whose research was the basis from which the Prosecco of today derives, not to mention two fundamental institutions for the progress and success of all the local wines: the Scuola (School) and the Stazione Sperimentale di Enologia e Viticoltura (Experimental Centre of Oenology and Vine-growing.) 

The passion for our vineyards

The quality of Vignarosa lies in the history, the land, in the experience and constant everyday commitment. Red and white wines, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines all draw their prestigious characteristics and their charm from this nature, from this history and from the genuine passion of all those involved in the production.


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