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Treviso (TV) and the Marca Trevigiana area: treasures of the Veneto region and of Italy with a long story behind them

“Wine is one of the most important signs of civilization in the world”, wrote Ernest Hemingway, great enthusiast of these lands and these wines. The lands in question regard the western area of the Veneto region, and more precisely the hills of the Marca Trevigiana that gives rise to one of the most significant expressions of the civilization of wine in Italy and in the world: the Prosecco.

On the hills around Treviso (TV), the cultivation of the vines dates back as far as before the settlements of the ancient Romans. From the era of the Roman Empire there is evidence that testifies to the prestige of the cultivation of the vineyards and the wine culture of the times. The Prosecco seems to coincide with the grape variety that in Roman times produced the highly praised Pucino wine that the Empress Livia, wife of Augustus, is said to have defined “the most suitable wine for medicinal use”. Also the writer Pliny the Elder described the Pucino as “one of the great wines decorating the table of the Roman dignitaries and which guaranteed long life to those who drank it”. The wines of the Veneto region and in particular of the Marca Trevigiana area have always been synonymous with superior quality, heartfelt passion and the constant desire to improve, experiment and reach new goals in terms of taste and excellence. It is here that the story of Vignarosa begins, in the heart of Treviso, in the vine-growing heart of Italy, in the name of tradition and of innovation.


The passion for our vineyards

The quality of Vignarosa lies in the history, the land, in the experience and constant everyday commitment. Red and white wines, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines all draw their prestigious characteristics and their charm from this nature, from this history and from the genuine passion of all those involved in the production.


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