The vines

The passion for our vineyards and the cultivation of autochthonous vine varieties

The number one vine variety of the Vignarosa estate is, of course, the Glera that constitutes the base of the DOC and DOCG  Prosecco and which for more than two centuries has been cultivated in the Trevisan hills where it has found its own natural habitat. The research carried out by the Scotton family, however, concerns also the recuperating of ancient traditions, sometimes forgotten, such as that of the cultivating of the Verdiso.



The Verdiso was one of the most widespread autochthonous grape varieties grown on these hills up to the first half of the twentieth century when it disappeared, or nearly, save just a few vineyards. It is thanks to these last that cultivation of the Verdiso has taken root again and Vignarosa was the first to propose a strong taste, rare and authentic: different from all the others, close to the very essence of the nature of this place and of these people. Another treasure that has come to light again in our vineyards is the Raboso Piave, the name of which derives from the adjective ‘rabbioso’ meaning ‘hot-tempered’ in Italian, due to its rustic and austere character, which our master oenologists have expertly tamed, softening its rougher features. Naturally there are also the classic international vine varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. 


The passion for our vineyards

The quality of Vignarosa lies in the history, the land, in the experience and constant everyday commitment. Red and white wines, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines all draw their prestigious characteristics and their charm from this nature, from this history and from the genuine passion of all those involved in the production.


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